Dungeon Control takes place in your usual 2D but the dungeon slowly takes away the hero's controls as he moves. You can only step a limited amount of times and attack a limited amount of times. Will you slay the enemies and reach the goal, or will you lose control in the Dungeon.


Press R to restart the level

Killing Enemies increases motivation(middle number)

you will die if you run out of motivation.

If you right click while standing on a weapon, the weapon will be assigned to right click. Same goes for left click. Be careful of the cost of both the right and left click, if you run out, the weapon will be deactivated.

You can hold down a weapon button to keep it equipped.

All enemies have a chance of dropping a coin

Weapons do not consume motivation, but still have a cost

Using your fists will consume motivation


WASD - move

Hold right click - equip right weapon if possible

Hold left click - equip left weapon if possible

r- reset level

Try to get all 42 stars!


Tyler Le
Travis Le
Lawrence Benitez
music: https://www.gamedevmarket.net/asset/8bit-tunes-8pack-9890/
art: https://pixel-poem.itch.io/dungeon-assetpuck

GenreAction, Puzzle
Made withUnity


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I dont like how it relates to the theme and it isnt super easy to control, but boy is it fun and polished!

Please read ADVICE if stuck